Faster Than You Think

This week’s video is fresh off the heels of Virginia’s Lobby Day.

Overall it was a positive showing, with great optics for the 2A community, and it allowed us to refute some of the stereotypes that are being painted about us.

That’s not to say there isn’t some room for improvement. I think there are a few elements that get missed when it comes to effectively tailoring a pro-2A message to an audience that doesn’t already think the way we do.

It’s really satisfying to go scorched earth on your opponent, and just burn them down with information and logic, but that rarely ever does anything to actually influence opinions.

There are some great resources out there that everyone should take advantage of when it comes to improving your ability to communicate, especially with someone with whom you don’t have common ground.

Here are the links I talk about in the video:


Craig Douglas Interviews:

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