The Birth of The Suited Shootist

So how did all this get started? Why did I decide that my opinions mattered? Well let’s start at the beginning:

I was born a poor black child…*


There seems to be a bit of a void in the training community. There’s a ton of information out there for people that are at a “white belt” experience level, and there’s a lot of “brown belt” and ” black belt” level content out there.

What I haven’t found much of is the middle ground, the “blue belts” documenting their progression & experiences. The regular guys that don’t carry guns or teach people to shoot as part of their job. The dudes that may know what the FAST test or Bill Drill are, but may be hesitant to share their own performance because it’s not good enough for The ‘Gram.

The other glaringly absent element (for me at least) are the realities of living with a firearm in business professional environments or other social circles where going armed isn’t the norm.

At best this is enough of a shared experience that other folks can benefit from my trial & error. At worst, it’ll be a record of my training progress.

*yes, there will be a smattering of obscure pop culture references throughout my writings.

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